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Physical Security Services

Video Surveillance

Whether you’ve experienced or are concerned that you are vulnerable to theft and vandalism, violations of rights of privacy and safety, or poor productivity, we have the solutions for you. We offer you the answers for both permanent and temporary video surveillance systems.
Our unique integration of cameras range from: indoor and outdoor fixed lens, pan/tilt/zoom, analog and IP, wireless or covert.
Recording and event retrieval through our engineered solutions result in hardware, software and network setup geared for your specific needs and desired results. Interfaced to a intrusion detection system and/or access control adds greater levels of protection.
For a free needs analysis, let our video surveillance experts do the work for you.

Access Control

Access control refers to exerting control over who can interact with a resource. A resource can include; a door, room(s), a building, buildings or property. The object of the systems is to ensure that only authorized individuals gain access area desired. It is a matter of: who, where and when.
The systems we deliver to our customers range from simple single door “buzz-in” to complete integrated systems requiring a specific credential (access badge, a PIN, or a facial, iris, or finger print) that enables a person(s) to gain access as designed. Controlled access may be granted “real-time” via a stand-alone, networked or remote control system. Advanced user authenticity is available when combining the access control system with video surveillance to verify that the person presenting the credential matches the person’s photo.
Another compelling reason for implementing access control, is eliminating the hassle and expense of re-keying an entire office, building or building on Friday night after an employee has been terminated. Or the reoccurring re-keying after the discovery of unauthorized copies of DO NOT DUPLICATE master keys.
Today’s advances in access control technologies can appear to be vast, challenging and daunting. We are here to help, please contact us today!

Intrusion Detection – a.k.a. burglar alarms

Our careful selected, engineered and installed alarm systems are designed to detect unauthorized entry into a building or area. For industrial and commercial properties, the coverage of a well designed system protects against theft or property damage.
Technology advances in motion detection allows for higher catch rates with lower false alarms. The false alarm reports by the Phoenix police are reported as our $1,000,000 annual problem. To get the public notice on this problem, the Phoenix police are leiveing high “false alarm” fines. The problem is so sever in one California city , the Police department has issued a “do not respond” notice to its offices, unless the alarm cause has been physically verified by a reputable party.
MasterLink is taking the false alarm epidemic seriously and proactively. The systems we specify and install are based on proven commercial grade Underwriters Laboratory UL systems and components.
Our testing and commission of newly installed systems is second to none. Our local around the clock central station monitoring options are custom tailored to fit your individual needs.
Whether you are expanding or consolidating, moving or upgrading, we take the protection of you, your staff and assets to a level that will meet and exceed your expectations. Let our experts visit with you to share the latest crime prevention technologies. Call us today.