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One of MasterLink’s core competencies is design, installation and integration of the foundation of every technology we install- that is the copper and fiber optic cabling. Done well, the infrastructure facet of our systems eliminates the cause of 70% of network and systems failures. What you can’t see, can hurt you.

Voice Systems

MasterLink through carefully chosen partners, designs and implements telephone systems ranging from; a few handsets, to campus based or enterprise-wide systems.
From the small key-system to the feature rich and robust Voice over internet Protocol “VoiP” linked to a powerful messaging system, MasterLink has a solution to fit your needs. Call us today!


On-site paging systems provide a quick and easy way to locate or access personnel within a building and/or outdoors. Zones or defined areas may be established in the design to allow paging to a defined area(s) or a general “all-call” broadcast.
Additionally, our designs take into account the need to reach people in places that do not have access to phone coverage, workers in a noisy environments and integration with the phone system. Speakers that are too load, hot-spots, and areas of little or no coverage of usually evidence of a poorly designed system. Take advantage of our years of experience that will benefit in a long term solution – you can hear the difference. Call us today!

Data System – Information Technologies “IT”

The MasterLink’s partnerships in IT implementation provide our customers with the latest in IT solutions as well as competitive advantages. Our systems are not designed by guess work, or “this should work”. Our certified network engineers bring you the best in integration and support. Our goals of cost effective solutions ranging from Cisco enterprise solutions to other options that may perform better at a much lower price point. The options are endless, we are here to help your organization be the best it can be – most effectively. Call us today!for more