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Sound Masking

Enhanced privacy and productivity enhancement

Sound masking is the addition of a sound (such as white noise or pink noise) into an environment to cover up unwanted sound. Sound masking reduces or eliminates awareness of pre-existing sounds in a given area and can make a work environment more comfortable, while creating speech privacy so workers can better concentrate and be more productive.
Sound masking can be explained by analogy with light. Imagine a dark room where someone is turning a flashlight on and off. The light is very obvious and distracting. Now imagine that the room lights are turned on. The flashlight is still being turned on and off, but is no longer noticeable because it has been “masked”. Sound masking is a similar process of covering a distracting sound with a more soothing or less intrusive sound.

— Wikipedia
MasterLink entered the sound masking field because of challenges in our own work environment. In 2001, we moved our offices/warehouse from Phoenix to Tempe. We moved from all private offices to a facility configured with private offices on the building perimeter and a larger “bull-pin” cubicle area. This change created unrest among our staff; with complaint about the loudness and/or irritating pitch of adjoining cubicle mate’s voices. After a bit of research, we were excited to discover the sound masking technology. After installing the technology, the effects on our work environment was phenomenal. Because of our personal experience with this technology, this is one of our favorite resources to share with and apply to customer’s workspaces and lives.

Our process:

MasterLink will visit your offices and determine where to the technology is best placed, utilized and installed.
We will bring a demo kit to our initial meeting so you can experience the peacefulness created by this wonderful technology in the actual environment where it will be utilized.
If you have ever been disrupted, annoyed or irritated by everyday noise in an office environment. Or if you have concerns about your organization’s HIPAA oral privacy compliance, MasterLink has a solution for you.
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